Be Warned: Hair Styling Treatments and Aids Leading to Hair Loss

Many people believe that once you have a good thing going, you should overdo it so that you get more benefits from the practice. That is not true when it comes to your hair. Actually,Be Warned: Hair Styling Treatments and Aids Leading to Hair Loss Articles there are quite a few hairstyling treatments and hairstyling aids which can induce hair loss when done too much and too often on your hair. So what are the various practices you use to do that may promote hair loss?


Dye and hair coloring treatments

Changing the colors of your hair frequently may affect its natural smoothness. To achieve the desired hair color, many people opt to dye their hairs with the use of strong hair dyes. For elderly however, the use of hair colors has to be stronger because of the diminishing melanin content of their hair as they age. Imagine the intensified chemicals just to change the colors of your hair. Also, permanent waving can shaft your hair and result to thinner hair strands. So before submitting yourself to a parlor and have your hair colored, waxed or waved, think twice for you may end up submitting your hair to destruction.


Blow drying

Another practice that is very harsh on your hair is the commonly done blow drying. You might say that you really need to blow dry your hair because you need to rush to work, but by blow drying your hair you are actually setting the water within each hair shaft on boil mode. The end result? Brittle hair. You should also avoid rubbing your hair with a towel very hard and very fast since hair is at its most vulnerable when wet so you will probably find your hair being damaged this way too.


Use of Sub-standard shampoos and conditioners

Using substandard shampoos, conditioners and styling products like hair gels and hair spray can also damage your hair to some degree. To stop this type of damage being inflicted on your hair, do switch to better quality hair care products. In fact, if you can afford salon quality styling stuff, that would be very ideal because many salons choose only the best hair care products for their clientele to produce the best hair care results.


Mercury poisoning

If your hair loss and breakage braiding hairstyles for men continue, consider another problem that is not commonly touted to the public –mercury poisoning. This poisoning is brought about by eating too much fish that has been exposed to mercury. The doctor will have to do a mercury screen test in such a case if he suspects you are the victim of mercury poisoning then.


In cases of enhancing your hair’s natural look, it’s important that you consider multiple reasons why you don’t have to succumb yourself to costly hair dressing. This is especially true if you’re over doing it. Understand that hair strands are really delicate and these need extra care to avoid breakage. Supplying your hair with high level of keratin will prolong its nutrients, something that you should be considering whenever you visit a parlor.

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